31 lb cod

Caught by : Kim Boden (December 2015)

32.4 lb Cod

Caught by : Tony Sherwood (November 2012)

3 of 6 cod

Ray Barron November 2015

17.5lb smooth hound

Bill Thornton

23lb blonde ray

Simon Norman July 2014

20lb blonde ray

Dave Smiffy July 2014

Dawn Venture

Large seating area for a comfortable days fishing

Dawn Venture

20lb tope

Clare's first day fishing

24lb cod

Ray Barron November 2014

17lb spur dog

Tony Sherwood March 2014

3.7lb plaice

Simon Norman August 2015

4lb plaice

Dave Smiffy August 2015

3.7lb plaice

Dave Smiffy July 2015

10lb 8 0z Bass

Caught by : Alan Bird (december 2012)

13.5lb Turbot

Caught by: Dave Smiffy 2014

15lb 12oz Pollock

Caught by : Ray Barron 2014

24 pound Smooth Hound

Caught by : Tony Sherwood

32lb pound Blonde Ray

Caught by : Mark Hazel

30lb Cod

Caught by : The Late Roger Lamb

67lb Pound Tope

Caught by : Ian Joyce

5½ & 4¾ pound Black Bream

Caught by : Steve Smith